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All about us

We are Harveys Shires we come from a little village just outside of norwich. We are very much a family run business and take pride in every job we do no matter what the size. we thrive to made your experience with the heavy horses a memory that will last and stay with you for all your life time and beyond. We do travel all over the countryside to bring our horses to join you for your occasion/event.

On our farm we keep shire horses and have several these started off as pets and a hobby, however this has grown now and it would be selfish of us not to share such wonderful animals with you so you too can enjoy their part in your occasion.


The Boys at Work


1,000 Happy Customers



Why Us?

we are very committed to making your day occasion a memorable one

we fully understand not all have endless pockets and we try to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.

welfare of our horses is paramount, for this reason we do restrict the mileage we will cover, so please bare that in mind when your planning your day/event.We also do have lots of friends who do the same as us so if we are unavailable to help you we will try and give you the information of others locally who can. 

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